Case Study
8 minutes

The Background

Babyquip, a successful business catering to traveling parents by offering baby equipment rentals, needed to enhance its rapidly growing platform with new functionality and upgrade its tech stack for long-term support.

The Need

Babyquip’s platform was built in 2014, and since technology evolves at a rapid pace, it was likely that there were better options that could support the platform and its customers’ needs.

We started with a code audit of the platform to ensure understanding of where the platform stood currently, and to be able to make informed recommendations on the best course of action.

This would give Babyquip much needed insight as to whether upgrades were possible with the existing codebase and what it would take to implement those upgrades, or if it would be more cost effective to rewrite the system from scratch.

The Solution

We evaluated the existing code using the following criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Has the core code been modified, and if so, to what extent? Will it present an issue for upgrades?
  • What modules currently exist? Are they off-the-shelf or custom? Will they present upgrade issues?
  • Review and suggestions for better code architecture, mobile and desktop views, routes, and frontend

In the end, we advised Babyquip that though their current site exhibited many best practices for website development and that upgrades were possible, the amount of time and effort to do so would amount to the same as would be needed for a rewrite to make use of newer technologies.

Babyquip also now had the understanding that much of their existing platform could be reused in a rewrite.

The Benefits

Our assessment of the system provided Babyquip with the following benefits:

  • Detailed reports of the code audit, including a step-by-step review of the process and a thorough opinion on the existing state of their application plus recommended next steps
  • Deeper understanding of what they had on hand, and solid reasoning for a recommended path forward
  • Recommendations on key changes that would be further beneficial for their web shop, including UX improvements, framework improvements, performance enhancements, and more
  • Estimate of what the rewrite would require, including our recommended technologies that would offer long-term benefits


As a result of Softjourn's technical assessment, Babyquip understood what was realistic from a business perspective. They gained a deeper understanding of their product from a technical perspective, as well as expert advice on how to best support the growth their company was experiencing. 

They had the information they needed to make a go/no-go call on big decisions like whether they should upgrade their existing code, or if they should rewrite to support new requirements.

After the code audit, Babyquip engaged us to develop solutions for their platform.

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