Case Study
8 minutes

Our client is a top ticketing platform for school districts around the US and a leader when it comes to ticketing for athletic events. Their ticketing platform impressively increases the accountability of event organizations, while driving revenue opportunities and improving customers’ experiences.

We received a request from this client for our help in creating an access control app that is integrated with payment processors and card readers. In the past, our client gained confidence in Softjourn’s solutions when we worked on integrating their box office POS solution with Star Printer in 2020.

The client felt Softjourn would serve as a source of additional expertise in their payment system integrations, due to our ticketing solutions knowledge base.

The Need

Our client had the idea to build a payment-integrated access control app that would be able to accept in-person payments for tickets and related merchandise.

In order to develop an app that would satisfy all of our client’s desired features and functionalities outlined in their Proof of Concept, we suggested performing a deeper review and investigation of their source code and payment workflows. 

The code review led us to realize that their system’s API needed some modification and additional features added to it before we could proceed with development. We always advise our clients that their systems be up-to-date and functioning well before adding new features and functionalities.

We shared our recommendations with the client and created a detailed plan for the fixes and the app development process, including a timeline and cost estimation.

The Solution

For their API to best support the required features needed in their payment app, we recommended that some parts of their source code should be modified and rewritten for optimization. Doing so allowed us to deliver a stable access control app build, including integrated payment functionality as the client requested.

We recommended that they develop a cross-platform app in React Native since it was a perfect fit for their product. While their initial focus was on creating an app for IOS, we were able to create a cross-platform access control app that can be used in both IOS and Android, with the same look and feel.

With our deep experience in ticketing and understanding of the specific functionalities required by access control apps, we often recommend React Native to those wanting a quick development period, and a high-quality and cost-effective solution. However, if an app requires specific operation system functionalities, then we might advise clients to develop a separate native code for each platform.

We have developed React Native access control apps for a number of our clients. Cross-platform mobile apps are a highly sought-after development solution due to the proven results they yield, and for the following benefits:

  • Only one codebase is written, leading to easy syncing of updates and changes across platforms
  • Development time is shortened as code is reusable and new features don’t need to be written from scratch.
  • Writing one codebase that has multi-platform compatibility saves time, resources, and money.
  • An app’s versatility can be extended without much effort due to accessible plug-ins and extensions
  • Since both iOS and Android users can download the app, there is a greater market reach

Once we built a solution that the client was happy with, we collaborated with them to plan out which new features and functionalities could help their business scale for future growth.

cross-platforma app development case study

The Benefits

By partnering with Softjourn, our client was able to receive help on many fronts at once. We have experts in many technologies who specialize in ticketing solutions, so we were able to assist the client with: code reviewing, modification, and rewriting; adding and maintaining new features; creating a road map for further development; and building an access control app integrated with payments. 

Due to our expertise in React Native, we provided our client with the opportunity to create a high-quality app that functions on both IOS and Android, for nearly half the cost of native development.

Our clean and high-quality code will allow them to scale their business with ease. This will help make their future projects easier to implement, including adding new features, functionalities, and integrations. 


The client communicated to us that they appreciated our partnership and would like to work with Softjourn again on future projects.

“Sincerest thanks to the Softjourn team for your guidance & support over the last 6-months. Your team has been an amazing partner to us.” - From the client’s team

We successfully worked together with the client to bring their POC to fruition as a releasable, stable product. We will continue to add further functionality and maintenance to their app.