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In the rapidly evolving world of event ticketing, understanding and catering to audience needs has never been more crucial. The landscape is shifting towards a more data-driven approach, where feedback and engagement are at the heart of creating memorable experiences.

A study by Eventbrite highlights this shift, revealing that an overwhelming 89% of event organizers believe that collecting feedback is essential for the success of their events1. This statistic not only emphasizes the value of post-event surveys but also sets the stage for a broader discussion on the role of data in enhancing fan experiences.

At the INTIX 2024 conference, this sentiment was echoed and expanded upon, with industry experts advocating for innovative methods of data collection and analysis. As audiences become increasingly sophisticated, the ability to harness and act upon this data has become paramount in strategizing for customer engagement and overall event success. 

While there’s plenty of event survey software, if you already have a fan engagement app, perhaps it’s the right time to upgrade it with new functionality. The integration of feedback functionality into fan engagement apps has become a critical feature, enriching the utility of these apps while fostering a valuable feedback loop between organizers and attendees.

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Collecting Post-Event Data

To better understand an event's return on investment, gathering post-event data through surveys, polls, and grading tools is indispensable. "Events are about connections and relationships," remarked Christina Lesnianska, Softjourn's business development manager, highlighting the importance of building and maintaining strong ties with audiences. This is where the nuanced collection of feedback becomes crucial, enabling organizers to fine-tune future events based on actual attendee experiences.

Maximizing Response Rate

To ensure high participation in post-event surveys, simplicity and clarity are key. Doug Lyons, SVP of Marketing & Communications at Leap Event Technology, shared at INTIX 2024, "Engaging customers in authentic, trustworthy manners facilitates the voluntary sharing of information." This approach underscores the importance of crafting surveys that are respectful of the attendee's time and intelligence. Here are strategies to enhance response rates:

  • Keep the survey concise and questions easily digestible.
  • Announce the approximate time it will take to complete the survey or show a progress bar.
  • Tailor questions to the specific event, reflecting a deep understanding of the attendee demographic.
  • Offering incentives can significantly boost participation rates.
  • Simple reminders and a sincere thank you message can lift response rates, showing appreciation for the attendee's input.

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Post-Event Evaluation and Analysis

Insights from recent industry research indicate that immersive event environments significantly enhance attendee loyalty, spotlighting the critical role of engaging experiences in fan retention. This insight is crucial for post-event evaluations, allowing organizers to gauge whether the event met, exceeded, or fell short of attendee expectations.

Joel Steel, CEO of Komo Technologies, highlighted at INTIX 2024 the importance of having attendees willingly share their information in exchange for better future experiences. Feedback direct from the attendees and sponsors provides a goldmine of data to refine and enhance future event strategies. 

Your first point of contact with guests shouldn't be asking them too much - just their names, phone numbers, and emails. "Collecting small pieces of information over time allows for more personalized engagement," Doug Lyons suggested, advocating for a more integrated approach to gathering insights. This method ensures feedback is not only more manageable but also more actionable, enabling organizers to pinpoint exactly what needs to be improved for future events.

Use Feedback To Improve Quality

Post-event surveys equip organizers to host better events by understanding what their attendees liked and disliked. Analyzing negative answers, comments and low grades shows what the soft spots were and how to make sure not to make the same mistakes next time. The feedback gathered through surveys and modern data collection methods provides a roadmap for continuous improvement. 

At a past Event Tech live, speakers emphasized the importance of event feedback in contributing to audience participation before, during, and after events.

While presenters at Event Tech Live advocated for immediate post-surveys following each event, it's important to keep in mind how you ask the questions (and make sure you ask the right questions!). In general, asking fewer questions helps to retain the focus of attendees and respondents are more likely to finish shorter surveys2. So, we'd recommend keeping your post-event survey between one and ten questions if possible. 

Also, consider showing your attendees how you've used their feedback to improve aspects of events over time, proving that you are actively listening to and implementing what your fans are saying.


Other Useful Features To Consider

Beyond surveys, the digital age offers innovative ways to engage attendees and collect feedback. Features like push notifications, live audience response systems, and speaker ratings can significantly enhance the event app experience. For example, a survey presented at INTIX showed that Live Panel Q&As engaged 63% of attendees on average, proving that unique audience participation leads to both engagement and bolsters data collection efforts.

Lyons added, "Incorporate questions into games, contests, or other engaging content to subtly gather data," a strategy that not only enriches the attendee experience but also provides valuable insights without the overt feel of a survey.

Ready to Increase Audience Engagement?

Leveraging attendee feedback is essential for creating impactful event experiences. By making attendees feel valued and heard, organizers can increase satisfaction levels and foster anticipation for future events. Integrating advanced feedback and engagement functionalities into your fan engagement app is key to deepening attendee connections and ensuring memorable events.

Looking to upgrade your fan engagement app with effective post-event survey features? Contact Softjourn -  Our expertise in developing apps for various ticketing platforms ensures your project not only meets but exceeds expectations. Let's elevate your event experience together.