8 minutes

First published: December 15, 2015

The Need

US-based company offering online payment solutions for small and mid-sized merchants wanted to be able to target larger established merchants. The company wanted to separate the inventory and the payment process. Also, they wanted to continue to improve the experience for their merchants and for their customer’s merchants, by giving merchants control of their customer’s experience.

The Solution

So be API 

The solution was to develop an online payments settlement and authorization Application Programming Interface (API) that would allow to act as a payment gateway. The new solution can be used by merchants in place of the currently hosted solution if a merchant so desires. The API will also be used for all transaction processing and will allow merchants to process any form of payment offered by the client. 


  • Coding languages: Perl, PHP, C#
  • Framework: .Net Server: MySQL, Apache/ mod_perl
  • Other technologies: XML/RPC, SOAP, WSDL, HMAC SHA512(FIPS PUB 198), DBI, POD, XML, Unit testing, API, HTTPS, SSL

The Benefits

  • Market share growth with the stand-alone API designed to process any type of transaction etc.
  • Large customers acquisition due to payment process improvement

Softjourn was excellent at communication and kept the project on track, even with scope changes. Daily Skype meetings and weekly calls contributed to a well-run project. Softjourn’s code delivery was clear and included details of the changes that were added; this made it very easy to see the progress being made.

Project Coordinator/Business System Analyst