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First published: May 07, 2013

For the first time, visitors to Planeta Kino’s IMAX movie theaters in Ukraine, will be able to collect their coupons and tickets for shows through Apple’s  Passbook. Thanks to Softjourn’s development team, no more rifling through drawers or pockets to find that ticket for tonight’s show!

Passbook is a utility for the iOS mobile platform that collects items like coupons and tickets through an easy-to-use interface on an iPhone or iPod. Softjourn, a software provider headquartered in Fremont CA with operations in Ukraine, announced today that it has assisted Triumph Media Group LLC, the Ukrainian Planeta Kino IMAX brand operator, to integrate their iOS application with Apple’s Passbook.

Planeta Kino IMAX already had iOS and Android applications that let moviegoers buy tickets from their phones. The next step was to integrate this with Passbook. Planeta Kino IMAX thus became the first and the only Ukrainian brand that is using Passbook for its iOS applications. “In my opinion, the drive to achieve results is very important. I very much saw that drive in the Softjourn team,” Yevhen Medvedskiy, IT Department Manager – Planeta Kino IMAX.

Softjourn and Triumph Media Group began working together in 2012, when Softjourn assisted the company in developing a mobile barcode scanning application that is used for taking tickets at the door of all theaters in the chain. This project used the Linea Pro scanning/swiping device from Infinite Peripherals, the same one used at Apple stores. After 7 years of working in the ticketing sector with US customers, Softjourn applied its experience and knowledge to Ukraine’s entertainment market. Ongoing enhancements are currently in the works for all Planeta Kino IMAX mobile apps. “It was exciting to work on an application that we can use ourselves when going to the movies!” Yevheniy Vershynin, Project Manager – Softjourn.  The updated application immediately reached the top of the “most downloads” list in the  AppStore.

About the Triumph Media Group

Triumph Media Group LLC was founded in 2006. Its main focus is building and operating movie theaters with world-famous IMAX technology in Ukraine. The first cinema opened in 2008, in Kyiv. Today, the chain includes four cinemas in three cities: Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv. Two more are scheduled to open in 2013. To learn more, visit