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First published: July 8, 2010

Box office ticketing customers can now use it in the field

Easing the process for event attendees to actually get in to a venue, is the objective of box office ticketing service providers. Waiting in line is part of the process but now venues will have an easier and faster way to get patrons in to events, by using a recently released ticket scanning app for the Apple iPod Touch.

With the new scanning app and an iPod Touch, complete with a barcode scanner attached, users of the box office ticketing system will be able to quickly provide access at mobile venues and be able to provide better service to their customers by being alerted to VIP’s, groups and those with special needs.

The app turned out great!, according to the CEO of the box office ticketing firm, This ipod solution will replace our previous solution. The platform is a less expensive, more stable, more understandable system, and it will be easier to upgrade the software.

The box office ticketing company developed the ipod Touch ticket scanning app in conjunction with Softjourn, a software engineering services firm headquartered in Fremont, CA, with operations in Ukraine. According to Vasyl Krychun, Softjourn Project Manager, Our client was great to work with! They gave us the freedom to be creative on this project and to provide suggestions. As well they were very responsive to our questions and new releases, enabling us to develop very rapidly.