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Are you a box office company that just bought and installed your first Boca thermal printer? 

Even if you’ve had a printer for some time, your printing process probably looks like this: 

  1. Select your tickets.
  2. Generate a PDF for your tickets.
  3. Open those tickets in a PDF reader.
  4. Select the required Boca printer.
  5. Send the tickets through the system menu to the printer.
  6. Click the "Print" button.

It’s a clear but not very straightforward process, right? It doesn’t have to be this way!

What Makes Our Tickets Printing Software Different?

Our software is tailored specifically to ticket vendor requests! Many vendors have asked us how they can simplify their ticket printing process. 

In addition to eliminating unnecessary extra steps, they also wanted to resolve issues in detecting printer errors on Windows and Macs (such as out of paper, not turned on, etc.), and the occasional issue of connecting to a network printer. 

After many questions about streamlining the Boca thermal printer process, we decided to provide a permanent fix: optimized software! 

The standard printing process:

A flow chart shows the seven steps originally needed to print tickets using a Boca thermal ticket printer.

Our optimized printing process:

A flowchart shows Softjourn’s optimized Boca ticket printers app that uses only two steps.

How to Print Thermal Tickets?

Our Boca thermal ticket printer app requires a one-time installation and integration. All ticketing vendors need to do is install the app, then call the API from the print page. 

Our solution removes the five extra steps between “Select Ticket” and “Print” mentioned above. The simple menu has only three options: 

  • “Select Printer,” 
  • “Settings,” 
  • and “Exit.” 

When box office users click on “Select Printer,” they can choose a default printer. The print button will send tickets directly to the printer. They can also choose a setting to pick a different printer each time they need to print tickets. Users don't have to do anything between selecting a file and clicking print!

Two images show drop-down options for Softjourn’s ticket print application on different operating systems.

The Boca print app drop-down between Mac and Windows computers is the same, keeping the process straightforward for all user types. 

If the option “Select on Each Print” is chosen, the user can choose among available printers and then click the “Print” button.

A pop-up window shows a user selecting a Boca thermal printer.

Our app can also detect errors or status messages like “Out of Paper” or “Printer is Offline.” 

If needed, users can print a test ticket to see how the tickets will look. 

Mac and PC windows display settings for Softjourn’s ticket print app.

Our app can make a call back to the server with information saying the tickets were printed successfully. 

A user interface for Softjourn’s ticket print app shows the status, date, and times of different ticket batches.

Softjourn’s ticket print app also provides PDF printing in addition to the FGL printing.

A pop-up window for Softjourn’s ticket print app shows different page orientations for PDF files.

Our app’s settings layout also features an input for listening port settings.

A pop-up window shows how users of Softjourn’s printing ticket software can add a listening service port number.


Our goal in developing this printing ticket software was convenience and simplicity. And we achieved it!

Get a Demo of Our Boca Print App Today! 

Want to see how our app works? You’ll find a brief demo below.

Let us know what you think; we’re interested in your feedback!


Boca Printer
Boca Printer
Softjourn office: Boca Printer in action!
The Benefits

Two native desktop printing applications developed by Softjourn, available for Windows and Mac OS, contribute to seamless printing with Boca printers and have the following benefits:

  • It only takes one click to print thermal tickets.
  • Ability to easily choose local or network printer as a default or select a different printer each time.
  • Notification that the tickets were printed successfully or if any issues occurred (out of paper, printer is offline).
  • Ability to send “a test ticket” to the printer.