Ticket River: Mobile Ticket Sales


Ticket River is a full service online ticketing solution designed to make online ticketing easy.


According to the Grand View Research, the online event ticketing market size value was $46.59 billion in 2017. The growing trend of using mobile applications for booking movie, sports and live event tickets online impacts the growth is significant. Ticketing companies have focused on adapting (or upgrading) their existing ticket sale systems to improve online selling platforms. Applying in-depth knowledge of UI and UX design is key to success.

A wholly owned business unit of Elk River Systems, Ticket River, makes event organizers’ jobs easier—and helps these hard-working folks sell more tickets. Organizers simply enter event details to quickly create a webpage, send invites, print tickets, collect and manage money and track ticket sales.

"We could really feel Softjourn’s experience. Not only in ticketing with being able to make solution suggestions, but also with their process of working with their clients including kick-off meetings, regular reviews to discuss improvements, upper management oversight and so on." - Lance Trebesch, Ticket River - CEO

The Need

The company wanted a UI that would engage its clients’ end users and allow them to register for events and buy tickets easily. The goal was to encourage end users to share their positive purchase experience, ultimately expanding sales. Ticket River expected that a high-caliber mobile application would allow it to sell more business to current customers, acquire new customers and increase market share.    

The Solution

The Ticket River and Softjourn development teams worked closely together to develop the mobile ticket sales platform.

An eye-catching, easy-to-navigate mobile UI helped Ticket River engage end users across a range of Android and iOS devices. (Check out some interesting statistics about mobile from Ticketscript.) 

Ticket River invests heavily in their service and technology, so our challenge was to build upon what they already had and to continue to enhance the process. The team enjoyed immersing itself in the Ticket River system. We came up with a mobile ticketing solution that the client loved and that we felt proud of. To do this, we delved deeply into both client and end-user needs.

Lyubomyr Nykyforuk, Softjourn Project Manager