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As Fintech experts, our clients rely on us to build solutions and grow profits through advanced technology, software, and unconventional solutions. For more than a decade, we’ve developed a wide range of projects – from mobile applications to independent platforms – that help clients cut costs and increase service, powered by a genuine competitive edge.

Blockchain initiatives abound. Every day brand-name companies announce they’re partnering with other brand-name companies to launch blockchain trials, proof of concepts or MVPs. This incredible level of activity and investment confirms that blockchain is the technology of the future and these are the salad days of blockchain.

Working on several POCs, prototypes and fully functional solutions we’ve supported our clients in the implementation of blockchain and smart contracts-based functionalities such as cryptocurrency banking services, corporate social responsibility, commercial agreements that expand their potential to increase revenue.

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Use voice analysis to create unique custom services for your business

Voice recognition technology is not only mature enough to be applied to our everyday lives—IoT devices, smart homes and offices, and processing operations, for example—but also in FinTech, to authorize transactions based on authentication. Users are ready to use voice assistance, are you prepared to respond to this need?

We are. Our knowledge and best practices from many years of experience have resulted in a solution which provides the ability to perform different functions based on voice recognition and machine learning algorithms. The solution, with this potential, is a crucial step towards more secure and optimized banking services.

Chatbots / Messengers Chatbots / Messengers

Chatbots / Messengers

Human-like conversations with smart bots to ensure satisfied customers

Looking to decrease customer service costs, increase cross selling or expand the services you offer? Chatbots may be one way. The majority of bank customers—especially millennial's—prefer text messages. In-app messaging is a major trend. You understand this need, but are you okay if the person on the other end of the conversation is not a person?

We have great experience in different Chatbots and Messenger implementation projects that resulted in human-like, contextual conversations. Whatever service you are looking to integrate in order to keep up with your client demands, let Softjourn's expertise get you there. We are open to partner with you and give life to your ideas!

Fraud Prevention & Security Fraud Prevention & Security

Fraud Prevention & Security

Reduce the probability of fraudulent activities in your app

Asking your users to run your app is asking for their trust. These users may be your customers or their clients. They are likely a crucial resource, as well as their trust, and should be sacrosanct. If there is a security breach, you may be blamed, even if it is due to the actions of another user. The trust needs to be built!

When our clients ask us to design or implement apps to be run by your users, we take that responsibility seriously. We’ll protect consumers by designing fraud prevention and security into the app, making payment information more secure and reducing the possibility of fraudulent activities on accounts and transactions.


Biometric authentication сan be used in a variety of scenarios, including withdrawing cash from ATMs, proving identity when contacting a bank via telephone, authenticating mobile banking apps, approving money transfers, etc. Whether it is fingerprint, voice or facial recognition, you can add these features to your system and make your clients’ data more secure.

Ecommerce & Inventory

Mobile commerce, messaging and voice services—do you have a payment service for which you want to offer inventory services? Is it strategically superior to split apart your inventory and payment processing so your merchants can choose which part of your service to use, instead of being tied to both? We have done it all. We can help you expand


Intelligent automation can be integrated with legacy systems to create robotic workflows from the customer to back-office processing. These robots take routine, repetitive processes, such as performing credit checks and consolidating data across multiple accounts, and make them more efficient and effective. This intelligent automation can drastically reduce your cost!

Lending Process

Data about customers is crucial for any business—not only their account history, but also financial habits, etc. But how to collect, analyze and use this data for decision support? Our flexible, secure lending software solutions are designed to simplify the lending process and provide you with the best options for your business. Make more informed decisions.


The financial services industry is one of the most vulnerable to cyber crime—money and sensitive data processed by banks is very attractive to cybercriminals. If you are involved in this business, ensure that you provide secure APIs and cloud services, are protected against malware injection, data loss and hijacking of accounts. We can help.

Focus on the Customer Experience

Improving customer experience is a top priority for enterprises thinking about outcomes. The shift from a product to a customer-centric model may blur industry boundaries, providing new opportunities!

New Rules – New Challenges

The newest regulations like GDPR or PSD2 are changing the landscape—requirements and conditions. The consequences are obvious, not all banks and financial institutions will survive. Be prepared.

Creative Solutions

Save time and money with extended team’s knowledge to make a go/no-go decision with regards to new technology. Try POC/prototype/MVP project to evolve your ideas into an innovative solution.

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