Case Study
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The Background

Softjourn has been delivering reliable ticketing solutions since 2004. Our team focuses on developing new and enhancing existing platforms that help our customers compete, grow and prosper. 

We started working with 123 Tix in 2019 and, since then, we have completed several successful projects. This time, 123 Tix recognized the need to update their mobile app and once again partnered with Softjourn. The client was interested in developing a hybrid cross-platform mobile application for access control, based on their existing iOS app to expand the product’s functionality.

With our ticketing industry expertise, we knew our team could develop an effective solution using React Native for 123 Tix. 

"Softjourn offers business-building insights that go beyond code to suggest new functionality and advanced technologies. We work hard to give our clients the tools to pursue new markets and grow their business" — Jeff Kreuser, Softjourn CTO

The Need

Our client’s current access control app was functional, but it had some performance issues and couldn’t handle large events. Since 123 Tix was planning to host bigger events, they knew that the app needed better power management of scanning devices and new features.

After reviewing the current application, Softjourn put together a detailed list of changes and project requirements. Following 123 Tix’s input and app review documentation, a small team of developers started the app-building process.

Mapping and Developing Application Specifications

At the beginning of the project, its scope was decomposed into milestones to follow the progress. Softjourn’s team also devised a software requirements specifications document for the React Native access control application. With clear deliverables, the development team was ready to start working.

Building the app using React Native. With Softjourn’s experience in the ticketing domain, our teams recommended React Native as an efficient tool for building access control apps. React Native required less engineering time and fewer tools, as the previous app was developed using the same framework.

Power Management. One of the key project requirements was Linea Pro battery management on devices used to scan tickets. For long events, the devices had to be optimized to use both internal and external batteries.

Additional Scanning Devices. 123 Tix wanted a well-performing application that would be able to use more affordable Android devices alongside LineaPro and iOS devices. To make this possible, our developers programmed the application to support multiple scanning devices.

Check-in/Check-out Functionality. Due to venue limitations and restrictions, a check-in/check-out feature helps event management regulate the number of people at an event.

Adding Offline Scanning Functionality. Offline mode is an essential feature for a scanning application, especially when events take place in venues with poor internet connections. Scanned data is stored in the device’s local memory, and gets uploaded to the database as soon as it’s once connected to a server again. This way, the ticket scanning process can continue even if the internet is slow or when connectivity is lost. This feature is extremely important for all event management services, as it contributes to a positive event experience and fewer queues.

Improved Search mode. With new improvements added to the Search, all downloaded tickets, including the check-in status for each, become easily accessible. Gate agents can look for tickets by name, ticket ID, or customer document ID. In addition, they can manually check-in attendees, and see and access scanning history for every ticket.

Project Achievements

In this project, Sofjtourn assisted 123 Tix in developing a new access control app equipped with new functionalities to create a frictionless ticketing experience.

With performance optimization and power management that takes advantage of the Linea Pro battery, 123 Tix will be able to host large events without queues, even with tens of thousands of attendees.

123 Tix’s new React Native-based hybrid app now features:

  • Simplified ticket scanning flow with Linea Pro
  • Improved power management on Linea Pro devices
  • Double ticket scanning using Linea Pro
  • Large-scale event accommodation
  • Extended and more user-friendly search option
  • New dashboard and ticket statistics
  • UI/UX enhancements
  • Android device support

In the final stage of the project, the app will have a new feature will assist staff to keep an eye on the number of people currently inside the venue, ensuring that all COVID-19 safety measures are in place.

123 Tix React Native App


With Softjourn’s skills, 123 Tix’s issues were resolved to allow stronger access control. Our client now has a well-performing, robust solution for scanning tickets that works on Android and iOS platforms, both online and offline. Softjourn will continue to work with 123 Tix to identify additional scanning app enhancements to ensure a pleasant event experience.

Softjourn offers nearly two decades of virtual software development experience to clients in the US, UK, Europe, and many other countries, handling the work from its development hubs in Ukraine and Poland. If you are looking for ways to prepare your business for the return of live events—Softjourn can help!

Our solutions include our VMT with a built-in social distancing algorithm, an automated refund alternative add-on, and more. As we are always keen to try new projects, feel free to reach out!

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123 Tix
123 Tix is an all Australian owned, award-winning ticketing company based in rural NSW, offering one of the best processing rates in the country. Their friendly team provides ticketing solutions for events of any scale to organisers across Australia.