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Live events traditionally adopt a “no ticket refunds” policy due to the high-risk nature of the business. Is this sort of ticket refund process even possible anymore, now that we’re dealing with a pandemic that has shuttered the industry? 

Even more damaging is the confusion caused by traditional refund policies and ticketing vendors’ attempts to mitigate the fallout of the pandemic. This confusion has resulted in legal action on the parts of customers. As events start to open back up, the specter of more cancelled events looms large until a vaccine or other solution to the virus is developed.

There’s a better way to both communicate with patrons, and conserve your business for the long term. Although events are in flux, you can offer customers different experiences, and clearly communicate those options with Softjourn’s Refund Management System (RMS).

Give Customers Transparency

With our RMS, you can offer your customers alternative options instead of a refund. These options are clearly communicated during the refund process, allowing customers to choose if they really want a refund, or if they’d like a special experience instead. 

With Softjourn’s RMS, ticketing platforms can simplify the ticket refunds process and mitigate customer confusion.

The RMS has a widget that allows event organizers to define refund options available to customers. The default set includes:

  • Donations
  • Transfer to a virtual wallet
  • Refund to original payment method
  • Custom

Custom options include virtual meet and greets, virtual tours, a one-on-one session with a director, or any other number of ideas. If you’re interested, we’d be happy to brainstorm options with you.

Download Our Mockup Today!

We know that ticketing vendors need to react quickly in these difficult times, and Softjourn is here to help. Automating the ticket refunds process is one step toward ensuring your organization’s longevity. Offering alternatives to ticket refunds is a quick and easy way to preserve cash.
Interested in learning more about our RMS? Download a PDF of Softjourn’s ticket refunds solution today.

We’d love to discuss how to easily integrate our RMS with your existing system, or how we can tailor the RMS to your needs. Contact us to schedule a discussion!