Case Study
8 minutes

Our client is a global leader in expense management and AP automation solutions, based in the US. They are trusted by millions all over the world to make users’ businesses better through their offerings of automating and streamlining accounts payable processes, increasing productivity by automating expense control, and enforcing compliance.

Our partnership began in 2011, and since then, we’ve worked together to upgrade the client’s existing iOS and Android apps, design and develop a white label mobile appupgrade their Elasticsearch from version 2.3.4 to version 7.9, and worked on a variety of other projects with their internal teams.

The Need

Every fintech application that is consistently growing and getting new functionalities requires checkups. For companies that are developing complex applications and large systems, having a sustainable application with a high amount of users is the prime concern. 

Every time there’s a new feature, the system’s workload needs to be checked, which can be time and labor-intensive. That’s exactly why our client decided to extend team of developers from Softjourn by adding more QAs, who they’ve trusted with many projects in the past.

Performance testing and optimization were the client’s highest priority, and that’s why they wanted to use a well-structured approach to identify and remove all of the system’s performance bottlenecks. Our client wanted someone that comb through their whole system and test the most commonly used features. 

We provided the client with a small QA team whose focus was performance testing as well as discovering potential problems and creating strategies to resolve them. 

The Solution

Softjourn’s team of testers worked differently from standard QAs, they were not looking for bugs in the code but instead problems with the performance of the application and its features. 

The team’s primary focus was testing the system’s capabilities as well as limitations. Our QA team was also tasked with analyzing how many users can be logged in at the same time and how many reports can be created per second, among other testing criteria. 

The team developed a process that includes: 

  1. Preparation for testing, including an analysis of Apollo and API endpoints and gathering all the necessary information about what needs to be tested. 
  2. Creating scripts based on the client’s request that the team creates test scenarios and scripts to cover a specific functionality. 
  3. Execution of the scripts by using Locus and Blazemeter so the team can discover bottlenecks, and long loading times to detect potential problems. 
  4. Analyzing the percentage of failures, loading times, and other important information. By gathering the results, the team can create smart solutions.
  5. Sharing results of various performance tests with the team of developers in charge of fixing system issues, so they would have all of the needed information to quickly solve problems and remove any bottlenecks. 

Through our careful process, Softjourn provided solutions that bolstered the responsiveness of the application and decreased the response time for most actions, like creating new entries and adding new reports.

The Benefits 

All mobile and web applications have two phases - development and deployment. In both phases, QA teams focus on web services endpoints and APIs, as the earlier and more often they manage to test the application, the sooner they are able to detect bottlenecks and issues. 

There is immense value in having a separate team for performance and load testing because that way, you’ll ensure that the performance of existing and new features will be tested, so the client experience remains on a high level. 

Softjourn’s small team works on all aspects of the testing process, so we are able to spot and resolve problems rapidly. This means that end users will enjoy using our client’s app without interruption.

Overall, through our testing collaboration, we helped our client mitigate problems that challenged the quality of their system and improved the performance of their application. 

The Benefits of Performance/Load Testing

  • Validates fundamental features of the software
  • Measures the speed, accuracy, and stability of the application
  • Keeps users happy since all the functionalities work well
  • Identifies all the discrepancies and bottlenecks
  • Improves optimization and load capacity


The value of performance cannot be overstated; by testing your product, you can find all of the weak links of your system and truly optimize it. In the case of our clients, they were very satisfied with the work performed by our testing team, and they feel confident adding new functionalities while knowing that their app will provide their users with the best customer experience. 

If you require an advisor or a team to expertly monitor your systems performance, Softjourn can help. We have extensive experience with systems and applications of companies of all sizes - from startups to large corporations. If you are interested in learning more about how we can contribute to your growth, please fill out the contact form, and our team will be happy to answer any questions.