EzTix: Expanding Market Reach


EzTix, an event ticketing solutions company based in Canada, helps event organizers extend their reach and expand their revenue potential by selling tickets through sales agencies.

The Need

EzTix worked with Softjourn on developing a cross-platform ticket scanning app which has been used at venues such as culinary festivals, tours and wine tastings. Based on that successful experience, EzTix turned to Softjourn for assistance in extending the features of its existing ticketing platform. The company wanted to add a module that would allow event organizers to sell tickets through sales agencies and pay them a commission for their efforts. 

Agencies could include website or blog owners, travel or tourism boards, travel agencies and hotel concierges, who would all benefit from an easy-to-use sales portal and dashboard with the ability to manage bookings and easily make changes in real time.

The module would support an expanded sales force, eliminate the need to manually upload third- party bookings and track sales and payment data.

The Solution

Because the Softjourn team was familiar with EzTix’s business and API, it got up to speed quickly, leveraging mock-ups that EzTix shared to create the new module. 

The EzAgent Portal

Using the EzAgent portal, event organizers allocate tickets to agencies. They also set payment policy, allowing agencies to pay for tickets in advance or after the sale and determine ticket categories—general admission, child, VIP, etc.—available. 

On the agency side, the EzAgent portal makes it possible to manage all booking information, which includes tracking and reconciling payments against the original ticket allocation.