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The list, called the Software Development Company Rankings (SDCR), is a compilation of the leading software companies that can be filtered by expertise, industry, or geographical location. The SDCR names software development agencies that “build custom software solutions that improve productivity, conversions, and ultimately increase revenue.” It analyzes hourly rates, experience, and expertise to help companies find the developer that best suits their business. 

The top software development companies in San Francisco include:

  1. Algoworks
  2. Applaudo Studios
  3. CognitiveClouds
  4. Deprigo
  5. Dogtown Media
  6. ISS Art, LLC
  7. Mega
  8. Simform
  9. Softjourn, Inc.
  10. Spiral Scout
  11. Tvisha Technologies Pvt LTD
  12. Vinsol US Inc. 

Read more about the announcement and about the SDCR here.