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Are you looking to develop a new competitive online service or software product? Do you have any of the following questions or concerns?

  • I have an excellent idea but I’m not sure how to evolve it into a product.
  • I want to give my customers something unique, creative or more involved (in terms of technical specifications, components and materials, embedded software, ease of use or other functional features) than existing solutions.
  • My idea requires experimentation (testing or design of a prototype).
  • I am not sure what technologies to use for the service that I want to be built.
  • How will my decision, related to the technology, affect the maintenance of the service in the long run?
  • I have an idea for a new application, but I need something to show to potential investors and to use to validate the app with potential customers, what is best to get started quickly?

If you have these types of questions or similar questions Softjourn provides research and development services to help you. Give yourself time for experimenting with ideas and technologies which may turn into your next market advantage. R&D is crucial for any business since it provides knowledge to grow and develop products. It allows companies to enter into markets where they can attract new customers, win attention and also increase market share. The Computing and Electronic industry is the leading R&D industry, with 22.5 percent of global research and development spending (see Fig.1).

Fig. 1 Percentage of global research and development spending in 2018, by industry. Source: Statista

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