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First published: July 30, 2015

The Need

New research from the National Restaurant Association shows that the majority of Americans are interested in using smartphone apps if provided by their favorite restaurants, with 63% of adults saying they have used restaurant-related technology options in the past month.

Our client, Tacit Innovations, is one of the tech companies that help deliver a mobile experience to restaurant goers in Canada.

After a few months of successful cooperation on the Tacit .Net development of Tacit in-restaurant platform, our client turned to Softjourn with a request to assist in developing an Android application that extends their services directly to a consumer’s mobile devices.

The Solution

Tacit had worked with another remote team to build the Android app, so SoftJourn’s task was to take over the existing application and start adding new features.

Testing the application on Android devices was a challenge, so together with the client Softjourn looked at a few options of how it is best to cover the most popular of those devices. We have looked at cloud testing services similar to, but we didn’t feel there was a good value for the price. So we started a pilot project with a service provider specializing in testing.  This company had the  majority of the 20 most popular devices, used in Canada, in-house and could run manual tests. This way of working and testing didn’t bring enough value for price as well, so Softjourn and Tacit invested in these devices together, and testing continues with Softjourn running the initial tests. 


  • Android SDK

The Benefits

The result is the m-powered restaurant experiences available via Maegan™ Mobile Android app! 

We have been working with SoftJourn for 2+ years now and our developers continue to impress me with their expertise, knowledge and dedication to our project. They are my team and I count on them as if we were all working in the same office!. Brenda Crainic, CTO at Tacit Innovations