Case Study
8 minutes


The ticketing software not only supports the sale of tickets from many ticket channels, but it is also used to prioritize tasks, and track orders and user activity. It also supports communication with clients and finally, makes the registration process as painless as possible.

The Need

Vendini, live events managing business/online box office ticketing company faced a fairly typical market challenge when demand outgrows supply and the provider faces obstacles in catching up and satisfying customers. To meet these needs, Vendini’s functionality had to be improved and redesigned. At the same time, the company wanted the time spent servicing customers by the sales force to be reduced, as well as the time that callers spent in line. We decided to use a dedicated team to meet these goals and provided Vendini with software engineers, QA testers and a part-time Project and Product manager.

The Solution 

Logistical and financial autonomy

Softjourn built in a feature that allows venues to refund and exchange tickets without Vendini assistance or involvement.

CRM system development

An important component of any business is the client database. So we built a large enough system to allow a venue to manage their patron information, sales to sponsors, relationships among sponsors, and contact information for sponsors.

New package of features

To make the user experience more enjoyable, we needed to provide deep, thoughtful functionality that really made running the business and making purchases easy. An Arbitrary Discount feature was added to the Individual Ticket Agent system, which allows agents to offer on-the-spot discounts when selling tickets at the box office.

Time-saving with mobile app that reduced queues

With a mobile application running on Windows CE, we enabled ticket-takers at events to scan barcodes on tickets handed in by visitors (this app was developed initially for Symbol/Motorola PPT8846 and Symbol/Motorola MC3090 devices).