Case Study
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Superstar is a premier source for concerts, sports, and theatre tickets all over the US. Superstar sets itself apart from other ticketing companies with its four guarantees: tickets will always arrive on time, tickets are 100% authentic, tickets never come with hidden fees, and there is always a 100% money-back guarantee if tickets don’t grant their buyers access to an event. 

We first met the leaders behind Superstar at the renowned ticketing conference, INTIX in 2020. Nearly a year later, we reached out to Superstar’s team to ask about the needs of their ticketing platform, and they were quick to remember the connection we made at INTIX.

Besides our shared conference encounter, Superstar chose to work with Softjourn because of our deep expertise in ticketing, experienced developers, and well-structured processes to provide the best solution tailored to our clients’ needs. They knew that we have a solid reputation in the ticketing industry as a service partner who always aims to provide innovative solutions that take our clients’ products to the next level.

Superstar initially requested that we help them add some internal features and adjustments to their commission portal. However, after a brief code review, we recommended making some improvements to their code before adding new features. Working with a ticketing domain expert, like Softjourn, allowed Superstar to avoid some frustrations they might’ve faced alone or with a less experienced service partner. 

The Need

When Superstar came to us to help them create new functionalities for their platform and portal, we analyzed their current source code and recognized that parts of the code could use updating to function optimally. 

We often advise our clients to perform code reviews and audits as they help clients to uphold consistent maintenance, see potential vulnerabilities, and deal with bugs and other problems in their code. A code review also allows us to see whether new features will work well with our client’s current code.

The results of our code review showed that there was no need for Superstar to rewrite their code from the ground up. However, we did see that there was a need for them to modernize their framework. We also recommended that they reorganize and restructure their source code before making changes and adding functionality to their current platform. Doing this would save them time, money, and effort in maintaining their system in the long run.

It’s Better to Rewrite Code Rather than Fix if:

  • You are planning a major shift in your product’s architecture
  • Your code will not support system requirements for much longer
  • The people who wrote the code are no longer working for your business
  • Your code is hard to maintain due to bugginess
  • You want to add unsupported features or functionalities

While Superstar hadn’t specifically sought out a code rewrite, improving the quality and extending the life of their system intrigued them, so they agreed to have their code updated.

When is it Better to Rewrite Code Instead of Fix

The Solution

Our Solution Architect encouraged SuperStar to select Laravel PHP for their product’s framework. Their original source code was in PHP, so the updated technology, Laravel PHP, would be familiar to Superstar’s internal team. 

We also recommended this particular framework due to the relatively small scope of their functional requirements. Laravel PHP has a reputation for its clean architecture and rich ecosystem, with many tools and add-ons.

While refactoring and rewriting code takes some additional time and resources, Superstar found it to be a worthwhile solution for their application. This also allowed them to plan and design their system for the future, fix underlying architectural problems that could prove to be a future headache, and feel rest assured that their code will be compatible with the latest technologies needed for long-term maintainability and scalability.

The Benefits

Through SuperStar’s collaboration with Softjourn, Superstar received a modern solution customized precisely to their needs. Our experienced Solutions Architect studied their requirements and gave high-level suggestions and innovative approaches, such as optimization and consolidation of data sources and processes, for better efficiency and a higher quality of service. 

By partnering with Softjourn, Superstar gained the following benefits:

  • Upgraded to the latest stable versions of PHP, Apache, and Laravel framework
  • Separated business logic, view, and DB layer for better code maintainability
  • Utilized models and templates to avoid code duplication
  • Used request filtering and binding DB query parameters to resolve security issues
  • Avoided hardcoded rules and constants by using DB stored settings
  • Optimized and consolidated data sources and processes
  • Made their product more user-friendly, scalable, and transparent.
  • Readjusted project plans with the flexibility

By having a code update, Superstar can feel confident that any new features they add will not have unintended consequences for other parts of their application. A modern framework will help Superstar continue to improve and scale up its product while adding innovative features.


Currently, Softjourn is finishing up the implementation of the code for the commission portal we refined for Superstar. We were happy to hear that the client found working with our team to be easy and that they were impressed with our solution. Due to a great first collaboration, we are currently working with Superstar on the definition phase for a vendor portal.

The President of Superstar, Omar Sider recognized that our team felt as excited about their project as they did: “I feel like Softjourn’s team knew what they were doing and that they had the experience and enthusiasm we needed. Any challenges that we threw at them they were willing to take on and solve for us!” 


When our clients’ projects have different requirements than expected - from adding new features to a code rewrite - we are here to help. Our teams are flexible and communicative, always willing to explore alternative solutions and craft plans tailored to each client’s project. We are experts in the ticketing domain with over 15 years of experience, which makes us confident in solving the most challenging ticketing problems.


Superstar - softjourn's event ticketing client

Superstar is a premier source for concerts, sports, and theatre tickets all over the US.