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This is a weird time; normally, summer means getting outside, attending concerts, and flocking to theme parks. But roads and town centers are quiet due to quarantine as consumers protect themselves from the current threat of COVID-19.
There isn’t a single corner of the entertainment industry that isn’t affected, from shuttered sports stadiums to an eerily silent Broadway. While you’re working diligently to support your customers as they make important decisions about their events, those of us here at Softjourn wanted to offer five ideas on how ticketing vendors can adjust to overcome the coronavirus impact. With these solutions, your business can pivot to daily changes caused by the pandemic, as well as be ready to get back to work once all of this is over.
We are ready to help; with nearly two decades of virtual software development under our belt and ticketing domain expertise, we can get started on your project today.

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5 Ways Ticketing Vendors Can Adjust to COVID-19

Alternatives to Refunds

Many patrons might be expecting refunds during this time, as events are postponed until the fall or cancelled outrightly. With so many stuck at home, it's hard to envision when the live event industry will get back to normal. 

Patrons could be open to alternative reimbursement beyond refunds—we can help you offer conversion of the ticket price into funds placed in a virtual wallet. These funds can be used on merchandise like a t-shirt from their favorite artist, their new album with an autograph, food and beverage, or other items at a future time when stadiums and venues are welcoming crowds again.

We can also help you tap into the current live stream, live video, and video on demand market as users gorge on whatever sources of entertainment they have as they abide by quarantine and social distancing practices. You could offer them unique experiences during this difficult time: virtual interaction, such as learning to play an instrument; participating in a VIP interview with band or group members; or getting a backstage view at how rehearsal takes place.

This encourages patrons to abide by current healthcare safeguards, but also keeps them involved in the entertainment experience. In the end, it could even be more valuable than the concert they were going to attend because they get a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience during abnormal circumstances! 

We’ve built refund and exchange technology for clients such as Vendini and others in the past, so we can hit the ground running getting your new functionality completed quickly. 


Another alternative to refunds are donations; so many are turning to musicians, artists, and other forms of entertainment to get them through the long months of quarantine. Patrons want to support the things that give them joy in a time of difficulty. We can build functionality into your existing ticketing platform that can convert refunds into donations, either partial or whole. 

By encouraging patrons to donate rather than ask for a refund, your attendees can help keep the culture and arts industry alive to enjoy long after the pandemic is over. 

Softjourn has developed a web-based system for donating goods to nonprofits; this solution can easily be tailored to different needs and swiftly deployed. And this technology can be utilized well after current events!

Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is a great way to encourage return business, and can be valuable even more so now. Seventy-seven percent of respondents to a 2018 survey reported that they participate in a retail loyalty program.1 What’s more, 57% of consumers want their loyalty programs to be available via mobile device.2
Softjourn has developed loyalty programs in the past, and we have a history of developing responsive, user-friendly mobile applications. We can help your business offer the ability to transform tickets into virtual coins or other digital currency that patrons can then apply toward a future event, or be redeemed for other merchandise.

Flexible Payment Options

Now may be the time to consider new payment options, including offering flexible alternatives that make patrons feel more secure about their purchase. 

What about allowing patrons to pay 50% of the ticket price upfront, and then as the event draws nearer, they pay for the rest? With the growing uncertainty of when the coronavirus pandemic will end, visits to ticketing websites and purchases are down. Events are postponed. To encourage sales and attendance to future events, allowing patrons to pay a partial amount encourages their investment in the entertainment they enjoy the most. 

Or you can offer ticket packages, where patrons are able to select different dates for events and pay in a subscription format. 
We can also help you expand your payment acceptance options; consumers are presented with an ever-evolving carousel of payment options. Don’t be left out because you don’t accept something they want to use.

Engagement Platforms

An important component of any business is the client database; we can integrate your business with a customer relationship management (CRM) system or messaging platform that enables multichannel communication, guest messaging (email, DM, text, video, etc.), automated acknowledgements, and much more, to make supporting your clients effortless and efficient.

With this tool, you can use automatic notifications to keep your patrons up to date on the latest changes caused by the pandemic. Let them know that their event has been postponed, or cancelled, and what options are available to them. Alert them to the refund alternatives you have available: conversion, donation, voucher, or other ideas you might have.
Softjourn has developed new and augmented existing CRM systems for both Vendini, PEX, and other clients. We are experts in different levels of integration, developing or correcting APIs, and other technical methods needed to ensure a prompt development. 

We’re Here to Help

We also want to hear about what you’re thinking of and working on — how are you responding to current events? What policies and processes have you implemented to safeguard your business?
We’re all in this together; we’d love to help develop and create the solution that ensures your business outlasts the pandemic.
Softjourn is here for you. If anything listed here caught your attention, feel free to contact us and we’ll set up a call within 24 hours. And if you don’t see your idea listed here, let us know! We want to help address your needs in these times of exceptional circumstances.


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