Node.js Development

Node.js Development Services

Get your projects up and running with development services from a skilled team that has a number of Node.js projects under their belt. With Node.js, our developers will productively work on both the frontend and backend as they prepare your business for growth using the best tech stack for serverless computing and microservices.
Get your projects up and running with development services from a skilled team that has a number of Node.js projects under their belt. With Node.js, our developers will productively work on both the frontend and backend as they prepare your business for growth using the best tech stack for serverless computing and microservices.

Some of Our


PowWow - Softjourn's client
Tacit Innovation - Softjourn's fintech client
Ticket River - Softjourn's event ticketing  client
PEX - softjourn's prepaid client
iKobo - Softjourn's financial client
Centreback - Softjourn's financial client logo
SnappyTV - Softjourn's streaming client logo
FenestraPro - Softjourn's design software client logo
Card Tent - Softjourn's financial client

Better Scaling and Performance with Node.js

At Softjourn, we start each project with a request analysis and conduct evaluations until we have all the necessary information. We always create an individual project roadmap for each client, depending on the phase and requirements of their project, as well as the cooperation model they select. Here’s what else we offer: 

  • Creating APIs with REST and GraphQL
  • Converting monolithic apps to microservices
  • Migration to new ECMAScript syntax
  • Integration with third-party providers
  • Test automation with JavaScript
  • Building search engines using ElasticSearch, Solr, or Algolia
  • Application analysis for performance and implementation of improvements
  • Real-time communication with WebSockets
  • Experience with TypeScript, including benefits from additional static typing
  • Maintaining and refactoring existing apps to improve readability and reduce technical-debt
Our Node.js Development Expertise

Node.js is a JavaScript framework that creates a new connection between the frontend and backend. It is used as a solution for large-scale software projects like IoT, web applications, and microservice-based applications. 


When you decide to develop a fintech product, using Node.js framework is often one of the best solutions. 

Expense management systems
Prepaid card program managers
Banking software
Money transfer systems
Mobile wallets
Payment processing development
Employee engagement apps

Softjourn has partnered with some of the biggest names in the ticketing industry to create advanced, high-tech solutions based on the Node.js framework. Working with us ensures the rapid development and deployment of various types of applications. 

Ticketing systems
Access control apps
Box office / Mobile POC apps
Ticket printing apps
Event discovery and ticket purchase apps
Fan engagement apps
Media & Entertainment

Enterprise applications are still one of the greatest qualities of Node.js, especially when it comes to M&E. With its stellar reputation for reliability and scalability in domains with complex logic, you can’t go wrong with Node.js.

E-learning portals & apps
Music streaming apps
Second screen apps
Video on Demand platforms
Live Streaming apps

Benefits of Node.js Development

Microservice-Ready Approach

Microservice-Ready Approach

Use small teams to create multiple features at the same time to ensure you have everything ready on time.
Improved Performance

Improved Performance

Node.js application server development can increase the performance of different platforms and this can cut development costs.
Real-Time Data Flow

Real-Time Data Flow

Node.js allows uninterrupted information flow even if you are building a data-intensive application.
Best Choice for Scalable Apps

Best Choice for Scalable Apps

Plan your application’s growth with technology that allows for easy scalability.
Community-Made Software Solutions on GitHub

Community-Made Software Solutions on GitHub

With a large number of GitHub repositories, Node.js developers have available many smart add-ons for faster development and deployment.
Full Stack Coding

Full Stack Coding

Node.js app development increases the productivity of your teams as they can cover both frontend and backend work.

What Can You Build Using Node.js?

Real-Time Dashboards
Real-Time Dashboards

Node.js development services are a great solution for fintech apps that rely on user data input and output. We build charts and graphs that will immediately respond to users' input without the need to reload. 


Building chats with Node.js comes with a lot of opportunities for customization regardless of whether it's part of a bigger app or a third-party addition. 

Streaming Services
Streaming Services

Creating an impactful user experience is easier with a single programming language used for both frontend and backend.

Node.js Services We Offer

For almost two decades, Softjoun has worked with a number of companies to provide them with custom-made Node.js solutions or augment their teams. We help clients investigate the pros and cons of using innovative technologies and leverage our expertise to asses their potential within an industry or a business environment. 

We rely on our technical and domain knowledge to deliver value with a stable tech backbone, and highly-performant applications with a native-like feel. 

Ready to create a new Node.js application?

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Perks of Working with Softjourn’s Developers

  • In-depth expertise in working with Node.js application architecture development and technology.
  • A team of skilled Node.js engineers, QAs, and other team members that proactively participate in every project.
  • Effective communication as we are devoted to transparency and cooperation with all our clients. 
  • A flexible team with a delivery mindset able to pivot quickly depending on the client’s needs.
  • Clear project documentation that follows project requirements and development roadmaps.
  • Certified professionals

Client Testimonials

Tacit Corporation chose Softjourn as their technology partner, impressed by our technical expertise and direct approach. Brenda Crainic, CTO of Tacit, highlighted, "We grew a lot as a company over the last 12 years and our processes changed, many of the current development practices being initiated by the team. I count a lot of my team’s expertise and I am confident in our ability to deliver cutting-edge technology for our clients.
Our team’s dedication to understanding Tacit's needs has been instrumental in enhancing their platform’s capabilities, ensuring robust development solutions. This ongoing collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative services that support our clients' visions." - Brenda Crainic, CTO and Co-Founder of Tacit

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What Services We Offer

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