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Thinking about adding a new application to your enterprise network? Stop! There are a few things you should consider before hooking up to a new system or software, especially if it’s external facing or collecting customer information.

With the amount of information, number of connected devices, and growth of the internet worldwide, security is a high priority for anyone wishing to operate in a digital manner. 

Being unable to safeguard your consumer’s information doesn’t just mean opening others up to identity and other types of fraud, but also risking the difficult task of restoring one’s reputation.

Web security relies on strong regulatory compliance and adequate protection.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Here are some questions to consider when evaluating the security risk a new application could pose.

  1. What existing applications are affected by the new application? Are any of them mission critical?
  2. Will the new application modify any confidential or critical data?
  3. Who will use the application, and where are these users physically located?
  4. Where should additional user authentication be built into the application?
  5. Where will the application be physically located in the network?
  6. Will any data considered sensitive or confidential be transmitted over external communication links?
  7. What would motivate someone to break into the application?
  8. Will the application have high external visibility, making it an obvious target for hackers?

These are only a limited number of questions that should be considered, and are just the start of a security development conversation. 

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