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We Are the Name Behind Successful Event App Development

Our expertise is what differentiates us from others on the market. Softjourn is one of the leading event management app development companies, with nearly two decades of domain experience. We have worked with the industry's biggest names to provide them with solutions that contributed to their success.
Our expertise is what differentiates us from others on the market. Softjourn is one of the leading event management app development companies, with nearly two decades of domain experience. We have worked with the industry's biggest names to provide them with solutions that contributed to their success.

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Why Event Ticketing Companies Trust Us

We know ticketing. We’ve built a wide array of solutions for clients like Ticketmaster, LiveNation, Vendini, Secutix, eTix, and Eventgroove, and we can be counted on  to improve your event experience. Using the latest technologies and industry insights, our event ticketing experts provide guidance to our clients to help them make business-savvy decisions, plus we grant them access to a pool of top tech talent. 

Softjourn is your one-stop solution for cutting-edge event app development! In today's dynamic world, your audience expects more than just a physical gathering. They crave an immersive experience that engages them before, during, and after the event. That's where we come in.

At Softjourn, we specialize in crafting bespoke event apps that not only streamline logistical needs but also create a memorable experience for your attendees. From trade shows and conferences to music festivals and sports events, we've got you covered. Our powerful, feature-rich applications offer real-time updates, interactive agendas, virtual networking opportunities, and so much more.

Harness the power of innovation to make your events smarter, more interactive, and incredibly efficient. Partner with Softjourn today and redefine what an exceptional event experience looks like!

Specialized App Development for a Variety of Events

Sports Events

Sports Events

Sporting events have a magnetic force to gather large crowds of fans. With a reliable event ticketing application, organizers can ensure that ticket holders can quickly enter events and get all the necessary information and updates on their smartphones.
Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Finding the right event ticketing app allows festival organizers to provide the best event experience for various audience types. In particular, multi-day events, with thousands of people coming in and out of premises, require reliable event management software for fans to safely and conveniently enjoy their experience.
Art Shows and Festivals

Art Shows and Festivals

Patron engagement and participation can be encouraged through pre-, during, and post-event activities. Patron surveys act as a powerful tool to measure clients’ satisfaction and make data-driven decisions for future events. An event app will allow event organizers to better understand patron’s needs and provide immediate event feedback.


With a versatile event ticketing app, organizers can assist conference speakers and attendees to find their way around big venues and receive the latest updates on conference happenings. After a successful conference, attendees can leave feedback, fill in questionnaires and receive post-conference news through the event application.

What We Can Build For You

We can create and integrate a wide range of features for your event ticketing application. We build unique features, tailored to your business’ individual needs, that will contribute to the success of your events. 

Access Control App

Access control app provides the possibility to:

  • search for the particular event to scan 
  • scan tickets with built-in camera
  • laser-scan (Linea and Famoco integration) 
  • scan in offline/online mode
  • NFC scan
  • manually check in/out
  • automatically validate scanned or manually entered tickets
  • validate tickets by ticket holder’s photo
  • view history of scanned tickets per event

Want a cross-platform app that serves a consistent patron experience while improving queue processing times? We’ve got you covered with an app boilerplate, integratable via GraphQL API, that can save up to a month of development time. Learn more.

Event Organizer Web App

Event organizer web app provides:

  • Event Management: 
  • Create a new event
  • Edit event
  • Publish event
  • Delete event
  • Cancel event
  • Pricing configuration
  • Tickets configuration
  • Search for a particular event
  • Filter event list

Admin Web App

Admin web app provides a possibility to:

  • Event Management: 
  • Create new event
  • Edit event
  • Approve/reject event
  • Set platform fees
  • Search for a particular event
  • Order management: 
  • Refund an order
  • Invoice management
  • Report management
  • Event organizer management

Event App Development FAQ

The timeframe for developing event applications depends on multiple factors, including the number of features a client desires, the tech stack chosen, the complexity of the application, and the potential integrations. Please contact us if you would like to receive a more detailed estimate to develop your event application or related projects.

The type of features depend on the business requirements of each client, but what most organizations request are: event listings, in-app purchases, a seat picking option, venue mapping and layout, downloadable tickets, event listings, and pre/post-event surveys.