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For almost 20 years, we’ve established our credibility by building highly functional ticketing applications for Ticketmaster, Vendini, eTix, Live Nation, Event Espresso, TicketPrinting.com and many more. These solutions helped them fill venues, prevent fraudulent tickets and smooth their operations – both for optimized existing platforms or building new ones.

Venue Mapping Venue Mapping

Venue Mapping

Reserved Seating Functionality

Consider the benefits of adding reserved seating functionality to your current general admission ticket sales application. It’s an excellent way to get more business, expand your services scope, increase revenue, while meeting the demands of existing clients who must sell reserved seats, as well as general admission tickets.

Our Venue Mapping Tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing ticketing systems or platforms, as an add-on service. It combines unique features – like flexibility in venue creation (different curving, angles) and real time map updates—crucial to providing a venue map and enabling a patron to choose a seat.

Fan Engagement Fan Engagement

Fan Engagement

Attendee social interaction

Fan engagement is your ticket to success. Making a strong connection with attendees is much more important than a large group of undefined, potential ticket-buyers. This app enables you to turn attendee data into a powerful asset, creating new ideas for boosting business marketing.

Since attendees use the app in a range of different ways, each piece of data will help you better understand the impact prior, during and after each event. You can make strategic decisions based on how attendees use the app, such as navigation to get to the event, read about partners, search updates and more. Other benefits include:

  • Use the app to get people excited before the event and getting friends to attend

  • Increasing attendance makes a great impression on performers, which makes them interested in coming back or appearing in other events

  • Improved attendance makes sponsors happy and enhances the chances of future sponsorships

RFID for Access Control RFID for Access Control

RFID for Access Control

Access Control Systems

Upgrade your access control, ticket-scanning device with the latest that supports RFID. This innovative RFID technology enables you to control attendee flow throughout the venue, as well as increase fan engagement and security with better crowd management.

Its many benefits include an enhanced fan experience by reducing bottlenecks at the gate, as it gathers data points at all hours, including peak entry hours. It provides real time concession line information. Its biometric facial recognition improves access. When used as a digital wallet, attendees enjoy the convenience of not having to bring money or credit cards. 

Mobile Ticket Validation Mobile Ticket Validation

Mobile Ticket Validation

Access Control Systems

We’ve created and deployed more than 20 scanning apps that went well beyond just scanning. The apps also focused on managing offline mode, VIP recognition, hardware integrations, card readers and much more. At the same time, they enabled clients to sell tickets right at the door. Attendee security also increased, because everything was under control. 

You get all the data you need to succeed: ticket scanning, verification, VIP recognition, patron name or order number identification. Even if Internet connectivity is lost, the tickets can be scanned and data stored in the device’s local memory until connectivity returns. Our mobile solution helps assure the show goes on.

Venue Management

We’ve built venue management and event tracking applications that owners use for instant access to ticket sales in real time. The app can calculate the breakeven point and also sends alerts about such things as issues with ticket sales, if sales are down or if they need to push ticket sales more. 

Blockchain in Ticketing

Two of the biggest issues in ticketing are fraud and extortionate resale prices. You can stop both with Blockchain. You can control every ticket sold and track every ticket for an event to identify resellers. Blockchain records every transaction, so you can also see who is buying and reselling. The net: You can manage events and ticketing while dramatically reducing your costs.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing alters prices for a seat in real time to optimize the ticket price and maximize profit. It uses pricing to balance supply and demand based on variables, such as weather conditions or a team’s opponent, to reflect fair market value. If you’re not operating at full capacity, revenues are static, margins are too low or customers are buying at the last minute, Dynamic Pricing is the answer.

Creating Ticketing Packages

These days it’s more than just buying a ticket. It's buying a new experience and interacting with the event via new technology. We can help you add ticketing packages to your exiting platform that does just that. With our proven experience, we know what and how the system needs to change to keep you competitive.

Refunds and Exchanges

We can help you stand out from the crowd by offering the option to refund or exchange a ticket. Your clients will love it. You’ll love the increased productivity from automating the process of reissuing, refunding and exchanging tickets. It’s a value-add functionality that will prove invaluable.

Market Growth

According to a recent IBISWorld’s report, the ticketing industry is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 5.0%. Players must focus on expanding and optimizing their product and service offerings – and our solutions will do just that.

Softjourn Experience

Since 2004, we’ve delivered an extensive range of ticketing solutions – both functional and system-level. We’ve created new, creative solutions or enhanced existing platforms in helping our customers compete, grow and prosper.

Creative Solutions

As a global technology services provider, we take great pride in developing innovative software. Our blockchain, voice, biometrics and LED access control, and AR fan engagement solutions all prove one thing to our clients: the best way to anticipate the future is to create it.

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