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Softjourn has established its credibility in building highly functional ticketing applications.

We’ve worked closely with Vendini, eTix, Live Nation, Event Espresso, Ticket and many others for almost 15 years.

Our team hits the ground running on each project.

Softjourn, bringing great ticketing projects to life since 2004.

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Why Work with Softjourn?

Here are some of the reasons our clients choose to work with us:
  • They are losing customers to competitors.
  • They are losing market share because they don’t offer
    in-demand functionality.
  • They are taking too much time to integrate new designers and developers into an existing team.
  • They are struggling to help customers build unique user experiences.
  • They need help engaging attendees before, during, and after events.
Have you ever asked yourself questions like these?
  • "Everytime I want to add new functionality to my access control apps I must update two physical apps. Can’t I save time and money by creating a single cross-platform app?"
  • "How does my system need to change in order to handle reserved seating and GA?"
  • "How can I use Blockchain in ticketing?"
  • "Is it worth doing an MVP if I`m not sure that my idea is reasonable? How long is it going to take?"
  • "I want to treat my VIPs right. How can I improve their user experience at the event?"

We understand what it takes to implement ticketing functionality:


Mobile Ticket Validation

Reserved Seating Functionality


Fan Engagement

Venue Management

Blockchain in Ticketing

Dynamic Pricing

Ticket Printing

Ticketing Packages

Refunds and Exchanges

Sample Success Stories


We Know Ticketing

Proactive Approach

Strong Customer References

We Know Technology

How WE Work


When you come to us with a vision for a new or updated application, we get up to speed fast. Our in-depth ticketing domain knowledge means that we understand what the market is demanding, how that meshes with your vision, and the technology involved.


You may be asking "What does it take to rewrite my access control app?" Or "How can I engage more sponsors for my event?" Or "How can I treat VIP clients right?"

Softjourn technical specialists can show you how to implement your vision and how to evaluate whether or not it makes economic and design sense. With our domain and platform expertise, we can also advise you on features or functionality that enhance app performance and the user experience.


"How much is my MVP going to cost?" "How long will it take?" Answering these important questions can help you decide whether or not to move forward with a project.

Once we are confident that we understand your vision, our team estimates the cost and duration of the development effort—including the need for a custom environment, risk and assumptions, and the most productive development team configuration.


We use Agile principles in our development projects. Why? Because Agile allows us to meet rigorous deadlines and continuously deliver features in discrete sprints. Breaking work into SMART tasks helps us package features and tasks into smaller bites that can be easily reprioritized if necessary.

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The Benefits of Experience

Mobile ticketing apps can offer so much more than ever before, so why not reap all the benefits? Are clients requesting offline mode for your access control app? Do you want to offer at-the-door sales options? What about ticket packages and group tickets? Can you benefit from analytics and detailed reports or special VIP offers? Does your access control app scan fast and smoothly?

  • Ticket validation with built-in camera or attached device;

  • Ticket selling directly at the door;

  • Selling packages and group tickets;

  • Ticket refunds and exchanges;

  • Reports and analytics for event organizers;

  • Excellent user experience and smooth performance.


Ticketing Trends in 2018

Based on the industry events we’ve attended, we’ve put together a list of the top five ticketing trends that will drive the industry in 2018.

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Venue Mapping and Seat Selection Tool

Have you considered adding reserved seating functionality to your current general admission ticket sales application? It can be an excellent way to gain additional business and also meet the needs of existing clients who must sell reserved seats as well as general admission tickets.

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Blockchain Revolutionizes Ticketing

Two of the biggest issues in ticketing are fraud and extortionate secondary market (resale) ticket prices. These topics were front and center at ticketing industry events such as the Ticketing Technology Forum and the Ticketing Professionals Conference. One “silver bullet” solution is using blockchain technology to enhance the security of ticket sales and regulate the marketplace.

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While designing and developing great projects for our clients, we have helped them answer many questions, like:

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